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FAQs - padel

Find an answer here to all your padel-related questions!

General questions
How many people do you need for padel?

In padel, you play 2 against 2, so with 4 people. 

What does it cost to hire a pitch or court?
Can I hire equipment from you?

You can naturally hire equipment from us too! A racket costs 2 euros to hire. You can buy a tube of 3 balls from us for 7 euros/tube.

Can anyone make a booking?

Yes, anyone with a Playtomic account can make max. 2 bookings! Joining another booking is unlimited.

Can I cancel a booking free of charge?

A player can cancel their pitch or court more than 8 hours before the start. See how to do it below. When you cancel your booking, you will be refunded the amount as you paid it, whether via Bancontact, Visa or credits.

If a player cancels less than 8 hours before the start , they will not be refunded.

‘no show’ without prior notice will not receive a refund.

What should I do before I start playing?

Step 1

The pitch or court has already been paid, so you can go directly to your reserved place. The lighting goes on automatically at the start of your booking.

Have you hired equipment? Pick this up from our equipment lockers using the code you received or from our bar staff.

Step 2

The lighting always flashes on and off once at the end of the booking. This is the signal to leave the field and allow the next players to come on.

Replace any equipment you hired in our equipment lockers or return them to our bar staff.

I want to play outside the bar's opening hours. How do I get on the pitch?

Step 1

You book as usual, and after your booking is completed, you will see an access code in the Playtomic booking screen, namely a 4-figure code ending with a hashtag.

Step 2

You can use this code from 15 minutes before the start of your booking to get access.

Step 3

You don't need the code when leaving the courts; just use the door handle to go outside.

I want to play outside the bar's opening hours. Can I hire equipment?

You can! From December, we have a Padel Kiosk, which allows you to hire or buy equipment from us 24/7!

I want to play outside the bar's opening hours. Will I have court lighting?

Our court lighting is linked to the booking system and automatically turns on at the start of your booking. 

What are the rules of padel?