At Arenal, we have peak and off-peak hours that you can use. We also have favourable rates for families, children and students, and young people ≤ 30. Check them out below!

Peak and off-peak hours

Off-peak vs. peak Off-peak Peak
weekdays 07:00 - 18:00 18:00 - 23:00
weekend 07:00 - 10:00 10:00 - 23:00
Prices doubles off-peak peak indoor peak outdoor
1 hour €5 p.p. -50% €8.5 p.p. €7 p.p.
1 hour 30 minutes €7.5 p.p. -50% €12.75 p.p. €10.5 p.p.
racket hire €2 per racket
buy balls €7 per 3 balls


Regular player?

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credit system


When you buy a credit 600 euro, you can share the play value of 960 euro with different profiles living at the same address, i.e., co-habiting partners or children!

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Family credit share

Children & Students

For children & students at Arenal we do twice as much: they can benefit from both cheaper basic rates and the benefits of buying credits!


Period What? Price p.p./hr
off-peak rate 50% additional discount €2 (instead of €4)
weekends ongoing off-peak rate  €4 (instead of €8)



Family credit share OR Youth credits
share credits with family members   €200 with
60% bonus
€960 / x = €X play value   €320
play value


Still at school (primary - secondary - higher education) & do you want to benefit from this? Click on the link below to apply!

Student profile

Young people

Young people ≤ 30 years* like children & students can benefit from an exclusive credit: pay 200 euro and receive 320 euro in credits, a bonus of 60% (instead of 30%)! Good for:

  #1 hour price p.p./hr
off-peak 80 x €2.5
peak 46 x €4.34

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* age is established based on calendar year
for example: on 07/08/2024 you will be 30, age for calendar year 2024 = 30

Youth profile